Workplace Training Video Series

Create More Empowered, Productive, Engaged Teams

  • Twenty-six videos
  • Roughly 3.5 minutes per video
  • Inspirational and motivational content
  • Accompanying learning supplement per video

“The feedback has been nothing sort of awesome. Everybody loves the short and sweet vignettes and leadership messages that come from them.”

– Krister Hampton, Altria, SAGE ERG

Workplace improvements without workplace disruption.

Leadership, workforce development, and diversity & inclusion videos for today’s busy workplace.

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Organizations benefiting from the Keepin' It Real training

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How do businesses use the videos?

The Keepin’ It Real training videos can be viewed weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly by organizations eager to keep leadership and diversity & inclusion topics at the forefront of their workplace. Leaders decide when to incorporate the videos into their workplace without spending extended periods in training sessions where teams or team members are pulled offline.

What skills will be taught?

The sessions will momentarily get team members outside of their comfort zones, thinking and talking about the ingredients for a powerful workplace culture: generosity, inclusion, leadership, creating empathy, support of teammates, living in the present moment, listening, transparency, learning from and teaching others. For a full list, please scroll down this page for the full competencies matrix.

Why do businesses use the videos?

“We’re now talking about important things; things that really matter that the videos bring up. It’s no longer all about widgets, sales, and productivity.”

The videos and the learning supplements are simple and quick self-contained leadership and diversity & inclusion training programs. Each session can be completed within twenty minutes, meaning these important topics can be addressed with regularity. You can choose how many of these inspirational and motivational videos work for you. Customizing and utilizing these videos on your learning system allows for ease of use, availability, and flexibility.

We know organizations are looking outside traditional training formats for new ways to engage their workforce in small, bite-sized pieces. We invite you to give these a try.

What will I receive?
  1. 26 MP4 files delivered via FTP
  2. Customization of each video to include adding logo and client voice over
  3. License agreement for unlimited use of videos (internal training, external events, social media, TV broadcast, etc.)

Sample Keepin' It Real Workplace Videos and Learning Supplements

Fix Them, Please

“You’ll be OK with the world once you realize the world is OK.” Embracing this attitude isn’t easy. There are many things we could all point to that suggest that the world is NOT OK. However, being OK with it absolves us from the need to toil about fixing it. When I accept that the world is OK, I feel the tension release and my shoulders.



Too often our self-doubt tells us we’re not ready, we’re not worthy, we’re not qualified, and on and on. A voice in our head says that we’re not good enough. Well, that’s junk. That’s stinkin’ thinkin’. You got this. We got this. It’s go time.


The Cole Slaw Challenge

This is a true story. The middle-aged woman was clearly focused and in a hurry. The fact that she stopped herself, took a deep breath, and treated that elderly woman with such kindness leapt out. How many times do you and I have the chance to do things like this but don’t even recognize the need? Probably more than we know. Helping people lifts all parties.


Make Life Harder

Every generation wants their children to have it easier than they did. But in doing so, are we setting them up for success? Or failure? And how does this show up in the workplace? If we grew up with people doing everything for us we will end up as dependent adults with skewed expectations. How can we change this? 


Keepin’ It Real With Cam Marston – Workplace Video Series

Leadership & Diversity Competencies Matrix

Download the Matrix


KindnessTaking RisksLiving in the MomentLeading By ExampleSupporting OthersIntrospectionShifting MindsetBeing Fully PresentResponsibility/ AccountabilityUnconscious BiasEmpowermentBelongingAllyshipInclusion, Engagement, Empathy, Psychological-SafetyMindfulness
1Cole Slaw
3Fix Them, Please
4Like It Was Yesterday
7Not Your Friend
8My Friend Walt
11Well-Lived Life
12Own Little Corners
13Joe the Fisherman
14Making Friends
16Church Bell
17Work Done Well
18Luck Surface Area
19Chicken for Dinner
20Climbing Up the Ladder
22Discover Me
23Make Life Harder
24Software and Maps
26Want What You Have
Learn more about the Keepin' It Real Workplace Video series and the positive impact they bring.


“The feedback from our staff on Cam’s Keepin’ It Real video series has been extremely positive. The segments provide a digestible story of life or leadership in an engaging format.”

Infirmary Health
Mobile, Alabama

“Good stuff – That was helpful. Great message. Will share this with others. Thank you.”

Barnhart Crane
Memphis, Tennessee

“The videos have been well received by the team and have added a needed element to our monthly Team meetings. We are asking a different leader to lead the session and discussion every month. The videos are playing well over Teams and I’ve gotten positive feedback.”

Pat Bennett
Group Vice President, Sales - UKG Public Sector

“Our open rate for the emails, which included both the video and learning supplement, averaged at 33%. Our email list is composed of about 6,600 folks, so that means 2,100 people were opening the emails each week. We also shared across our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn pages and received 9,000+ impressions.”

Infirmary Health
Mobile, Alabama

“The feedback has been nothing short of awesome. Everybody loves the short and sweet vignettes and leadership messages that come from them. We’re getting good view rates on the videos, so hats off to you.”

Krister Hampton
SAGE ERG, Altria

“The video was well received.  We had a good discussion with the group about vulnerability which I thought was positive for the first installment. Several people contributed to the discussion. It made for a good way to get people engaged and the topic was very relatable.  We will keep you posted, but I’m optimistic that this will be a great new addition to the monthly meeting.”

Nicole Lee
Principal Sales Enablement Manager, UKG

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